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IRMC 2008

IRMC 2008 Keyfacts: 1° EDITION 

The International Credit and Financial Risk Conference (IRMC2008) brought together 291 leading experts from Academia and Professionals for a two-day conference and ½-day professional symposium in Florence, Italy. Scholars and practitioners from more the 40 countries worldwide have discussed about risk and the company and bank implications. The mission of the conference was to provide a forum for recent advances in risk management. It has been accomplished. IRMC2008 presented the latest research from the major schools of thought and a diversity of new approaches to Risk Management: Corporate Finance, Banking and Financial Mathematics. Risk is, in fact, a multifactor concept to be addressed from different perspectives. Starting from the latest theories and tools developed in the Risk Management field, we have moved to Corporate Finance, where risk is studied both in the value maximization framework and in strategies for mitigating risk. Banking is concerned with Risk Capital and Capital Requirements. The Basel II framework played a key role in risk assessment and measurement and it affects banks’ and customers’ portfolio selection and performance. Risk can also be addressed from an actuarial and statistical perspective. A final research area has been addressed by the conference: financial accounting that is increasingly involved in the risk assessment process in these fields of studies.

Registered Participants: 147 Guests & Authorities 134
Paper submitted 58 Paper Accepted 48 Paper Presented 48

Keynotes plenary speakers:
Edward I. Altman (New York University-Stern School of Business)
William Perraudin (Imperial College London)
Viral Acharya (London Business School)

Main Sponsor: Banca CR Firenze
Events Sponsor: Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia
Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena
FidiToscana SpA

Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale
Associazione per la Matematica Applicata alle Scienze Economiche e Sociali
Regione Toscana
Comune di Firenze

Focus area:
modelling default risk, Credit Risk, corporate risk management, quantitative tools for risk management, financial accounting and reporting

Practitioners' Workshop
There will also be a practitioners symposium and workshop available on Saturday, June 14th, in collaboration with majors banks, Confindustria Firenze, and other main institutions. A workshop entitled “Current Conditions in the Global Credit Markets: A New Paradigm or Great Credit Bubble?” will be presented by Professor E. Altman.
For more information visit the workshop page

Conference Venue
Facoltà d’Economia - Polo delle Scienze Sociali - Building D6 
Via delle pandette, 9
50127 Florence

IRMC is organized by:
Prof. Oliviero Roggi, University of Florence and Professor Maurizio Fanni, Director of the School of Finance in Trieste.

















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